Adapting to a Changing World

We are a husband and wife team and founders of a small scenic building company. Like many of you out there, our small business has been hit hard during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our industry is based on entertainment, helping companies market their ideas and people coming together in theme parks and convention centers.

Since those markets have stopped we wanted to adapt, help out someway, to continue doing what we do best, and to give back in some small way. We won't lie, we also want to pivot and keep working to feed our kids and we're lucky to be able to do this all safely from our small home shop.

Day after day we listened to our friends and family stress about everything they were coming into contact with as they ventured out for their essential items. Then we talked to those essential workers continuing to work daily and buttons in the elevators, open doors, and then come can to their cars to head home. It wasn't until one day while out getting gas, we knew using our key to touch the keypad wasn't the best solution. THEN we remembered not so long ago researching copper for a project we were working on.

Copper has been used for it's antimicrobial properties for centuries and dates back to ancient times, when medicine men would pack lacerations with copper. Now we don't want you doing that, we've come a long way in medicine since then. We do however want you to watch this clip on copper to learn more about how cool copper is and know why we've chosen this as the material to make the Clean Key.

Nova - antimicrobial properties of copper

Now, we're not suggesting using the Clean Key takes the place of washing your hands, good hygiene and social distancing. We do think this is a great way though to move through these crazy times with one more tool in your hand.

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