• The Original Clean Key

    The Clean Key is handmade in the USA using 100% copper. Copper is inherently antimicrobial has been used in hospitals and labrotory settings as a way to fight against the battle of contaminating surfaces. We designed this key to help you feel safer making essential trips outside your home. 


    Why is this key more expensive than the ones you're seeing all over the internet? 

    1. Our key is the Original; plain and simple. Designed by an immunocompromised family wanting to add one more layer of protection. Within a month of launching our product,, we had plenty of copycats and they began manufacturing there keys overseas with a lesser quality material. Overseas maunfacturing = cheap. 


    2. Copper is MUCH more expensive than brass. One sheet costs us over $700!! We did not compromise quality and we know the science is real, COPPER is KEY!





    Are you interested in custom engraving options for orders over ten? We are now offering engraving options on orders over ten for an additional fee. Please email us at cleankeycompany@gmail.com or fill out the "contact" sheet located on  our website to start the process.

      $30.00 Regular Price
      $21.00Sale Price

      All products are Made in Chealsea, Michigan