Taking Care of You

Customer Care

We want you to be satisified with your purchase. We are a small company so if you have any concerns, please drop us a line on our contact page and we'll get back with you ASAP! Please remember each Clean Key may be slightly different, as they are made by hand, leaving some room for small inconsistencies not normally found in machine made products. 

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy is important to us. You may hear from us on occasion with updates about your Clean Key but we will never sell your contact information to anyone. Period. 

Cleaning Your Clean Key

Copper is wonderful and sometimes it takes on a patina or may get nicked. We think it's cool but if you want to keep your key shiny and bright, mix one tablespoon of salt with a little vinegar and use a soft cloth to scrub it clean. Make sure to dry it well before putting it away. Ultra fine steel wool is another great way to buff your Clean Key. Viola!